Common Types of Pests

Pests are ever welcomed guests, yet they seem to come into the home at their discretion, wreaking havoc along the way. Pests of various species enter the home looking for food and shelter. If your home is welcoming, they’ll make it their place, too. Luckily, a Seattle exterminator can help if you notice that pests have infected your home. But, it is important that you pick up the phone and call as soon as you discover a problem because treating pests only gets harder the longer that you wait to make the call.

Numerous types of pests can make their way into your home and cause trouble. Some pests are simply a nuisance, though most destroy the home in one way or another. Some pests may cause health problems and carry disease. Some of the most common types of pests that may enter your home include:


Cockroaches are one of the most common types of pests that you may see in the home. Numerous types of cockroaches may enter the home, including some that can fly. Cockroaches carry disease and cause a mess around the home. You’ll see them in the kitchen where there is food, but they don’t limit this area of the home.


Mice and rats are perhaps one of the most devastating pests to discover in the home. Not only do they carry disease, they make a huge mess in the home and destroy everything in their path. It is easy to notice a problem with mice or rats and you can ensure that there are more if you evidence that one is in the home. Don’t wait to call a professional if you suspect a problem with mice or rats.


Seattle exterminatortermite

Ants are also a problem for homeowners, most commonly seen during the summer months when the weather outside is warm. Ants create colonies where thousands of them live, all ready to invade your home searching for food. It is important to keep crumbs up because they’ll come to snatch up even the smallest morsel of food that you may not realize is there. Clean up immediately after a mess is made and keep the trash removed from the home promptly.


Termites destroy your home from the inside out. They feed on the cellulose found inside the wood of your home and leave a mess behind. They oftentimes cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage before a homeowner has time to realize what’s happened. Furthermore, it takes only a couple of years for a termite’s damage to completely destroy your home.

Call for Help at Once

Don’t procrastinate and put off the call if you notice there are pests in your home or if you suspect they’re inside. The common pests listed here are just some of the many that can come into your home and cause trouble. A pest control professional can diagnose the problem and help you get rid of the pests that are bringing you trouble.